Give Power To Your Car With Auto Performance Tuning

Every part of your car minor or major can be auto tuned to increase drivability, smoothness and even speed. Car performance tuning improves the performance of your car and there are several parts that can be tuned to improve on the efficiency of the car.

Fine Engine Tuning

AutoThere are several areas that give your car engine a boost in performance. You can do this by installing performance chips which can be fitted in engines that are fuel injected as well as those that have an electronic control unit. These performance chips help improve the engine performance and saves on both money and fuel. Engines also see a boost in performance which is fitted by experienced or knowledgeable mechanics.

Break Performance Tuning

Ensure that you enhance your break performance by installing performance pads which enhance breaking power and can withstand higher temperatures than the regular set of brake pads. You should know that breaks are a very key element in performance and safety of your automobile but many people do not consider them as performance enhancing features.

Car Engine

Air Filters and Tuning

This is considered by most car enthusiast as the easiest tune-up tasks to replace. For those who have a fuel injected car, one can enhance the airflow by removing the original air-box which contains the hoses and the filters and replacing them with an induction kit. This kit comes with a cone filter which is attached directly to the airflow meter which creates a more direct uninterrupted airflow to the engine. The more the air, the more there will be better engine performance.

Exhaust Enhancement

The focus here is not what is going inside the engine but rather what is coming out from it. There is performance tuning done on the exhausts that minimize the pressure restrictions for the fumes that are on their way out.

Enhanced Suspensions

A car’s suspension is another key element that most people do not care about. You can achieve the desired levels by fitting lowering springs which give the car a better feel as well as look. The handling of the car is much more improved since the springs are known to reduce roll when taking on corners as well as improving the tire contact on the road.

Car Engine

Tuning Turbo Engines

One can replace their existing turbo engines by fitting a second turbo or fit a larger unit depending on your power capabilities and requirements. You can also match the intake compression impellers as well as the exhaust to your air needs and notice a dramatic improvement in the power band.

Maximizing Performance

If you have been wondering how you can crank more power to your car engine, tuning is a great option for you. Performance chips will help you increase torque and you can also opt for a power programmer for fuel economy as well as increased horsepower. Be on the lookout for signs that you car needs tuning by checking the mileage, stalling and the rest. Always remember that unperformed maintenance will cause problems at start up.

All these issues can and will be addressed the moment you decide on auto performance tuning.

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